With sincere thanks to @Speak2usSofia who provided unbelievable support and coaching in preparing this talk.
Dr. Richard Keegan — Speaker, TEDxCanberra Salon Event “Move to Empower” 2017

A big thank you for helping me boost my presentation and interview skills. I know the techniques you showed me have given me a huge benefit not just professionally but personally as well. Your coaching sessions are fun and engaging, I really enjoyed the learning process. I will be recommending Speak2Us!

Lyndon S – Philanthropist

I really appreciate your support and guidance during this process.  You have an amazing profession and I am so grateful to have shared this experience with you.

Catherine H, Educator, Montessori

Hi Sofia!

My presentation went really well.  I refused to let myself get nervous in the first place. I did the low, deep, breathing like you said.  I told myself I could do it!

I got a number of smiles and nods at the finish and three or four people said they liked it. They gave reasons for liking it – but I knew it was because I had engaged with them, like in a conversation.

Thanks to you I am going to work on never going back to my old style and ways of feeling!

Thank you again,

Alex S, Space Commercialisation Industry 

Thanks Sofia!

Thank you for all of your help and time.  Your coaching at Speak2us was invaluable and TEDxCanberra a fantastic experience because of your professional and personal help!

Phil B, Research Fellow — Australian National University

Thanks Sofia

I’m really happy with how it ended up and you had such an important role in helping shape that end product. Particularly right from the start in helping me to refine the message to one really clear message. That was critical. I was quite all over the place and you really helped me to work out my message and authentic voice. Really grateful!

Brad AC, Researcher, Mental Health

Thanks Sofia!
I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and great effort on me. You just made me better and better. By now I really say “imij” and others :). So grateful to you and I am glad that we met.

Love and hugz xx

Tasneem R, Biomedical Researcher

It has been an incredible journey working with you.  From our very first session creating a whiteboard of ideas to standing on the red dot in front of 600 TEDx’ers.  Your coaching, your support, your encouragement, gave me the confidence to step up and share my story to the world.  Thank you.  xx

Pip Seldon, #thehealthytradieproject

I never thought I needed a public speaking coach until I met Sofia at Speak2us. I’m an extrovert with a performance background and I speak at conferences and lecture in universities. What more is there to learn? What I learned was how to connect my audience with my passion. Sofia’s coaching process is deep and richly rewarding. Sofia’s methodology is an integral part of my entire work. Perhaps I didn’t need ANY public speaking coach. Who I needed was Sofia.

Adele C, Researcher & Visiting Fellow — Australian National University

There wouldn’t be room on Sofia’s blog to praise her enough. Although I am a confident public speaker, Sofia’s help was invaluable and she highlighted the importance of posture/body language, correct diction and voice projection. Her aid in revising and rewriting my speech further increased my confidence, and I’ve now learned to tailor my speeches to my audience appropriately. I would definitely recommend Sofia to other professionals, and will engage her services again in the future for further public speaking opportunities.
Trish Dollisson, Leading Seaman — Royal Australian Navy

The day was action-packed. Four very different sessions, where Sofia adapted seamlessly to different levels of energy and ability. With a common theme: everyone left with a tangible sense of what to do next to improve their pitches. An absolute pleasure and privilege to see Sofia in action — a double-whammy master class in public speaking and work.

Great success – I will definitely be recommending pitch coaching for upcoming Innovation ACT competitions, and I very much hope that future participants will be lucky enough to workshop with Sofia and Speak2Us in future events.

Timothea Horn, Innovation ACT 2013

When all hope seemed to have been lost, God sent me an angel, Speak2us. Over a 6-week period Sofia drilled into me the essentials of public speaking in a program crafted to my needs as an international medical graduate. Hence I finally passed the Australian Medical Council oral clinical exam! Not only has Sofia’s program helped me to pass my exams, it has also markedly enhanced my communication skills in my day-to-day job as a doctor in Australia. Thank you very much Sofia and Speak2us; this has been a life-changing experience!

M Radebe, MD Psychiatry NSW

Thank you for your help with my job interview. I put in a good performance. Thank you again for your passion and your professional coaching.

Dr David L, Associate Professor

It was an absolute pleasure liaising with someone like yourself, down to earth, easygoing and understanding. Reading through the evaluations, all participants took a lot from the workshop.

Brittany Campbell, Learning and Development Support Officer, Communities@Work

I appreciate what you have done for me. It has truly impacted my business in such a positive way. Thank you for all your speaking coaching. It has been invaluable.

Penny H, Real Estate Consultant

I would like to say how thankful I am to you for the confidence you have instilled in me through our public speaking sessions together. Not only am I able to speak with more confidence and articulation, but you were able to tailor each session in a way that has given me valuable insight into the ways in which I can further my career as a Personal Coach with my newly gained skills. You were extremely professional, and a real pleasure to work with as your enthusiasm for your profession helped motivate me to perform at my best.

Luke C, Personal Performance Coach

As a new business owner with reservations about speaking confidently and fluently at networking events I attended a Speak2us workshop. I found it very beneficial. I learned easy-to-remember tips and also had ample opportunity to rehearse and role-play in different situations. I left the workshop with the confidence that I will continually improve with practice and repetition. Several months on I continue to use many of the tips I gained during the workshop.

Matthew W, Personal Coach

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coaching you provided. I felt so much more confident and believe that the delivery of my presentation was much more professional. Thanks to you.

Rachael H, Finance Consultant

Well, we won, and the speech was a real hit!!! I got so much positive feedback leading to a radio interview on the ABC straight after we won. Your assistance and guidance with the speech really helped us stamp our mark on the Telstra Business Awards.

Darren S, Director and Business owner

The presentation went really well. I managed my nerves surprisingly well and my voice didn’t waiver at any time. Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need of a speaking coach.

Chris B, Manager, Building and Construction Industry

My talk went well on Friday. I remembered most of what I had planned to say and made a few things up on the spot — I didn’t go red and I sounded fairly confident, which was a great relief. It seemed to be fairly well received. The facilitator later said it was really clear and easy to follow and my boss said it was good. So thanks again for all your help. It made the world of difference.

Katherine G, AusAID

Thank you again. A very good investment.  You are very good at what you do!

Sam R, University Student

I recommended that three of my managers attend a Speak2us speaking skills workshop. They each reported that it was a valuable and enjoyable session that gave them the opportunity to explore and extend their presentation skills.

Lynne T, National Manager

Thank you, I really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it. You have a gift with people. Not many could engage a diverse group and get results so quickly. I look forward to attending future workshops.

Kerri H, Manager

Continued practice and the embracing of your ideas have assisted me to improve my speaking and auctioneering. Friends are actually noticing the difference, even in recent times. Thank you, most importantly, for your exuberance and the warmth you bring to our sessions. This is what sets you apart from others.

P Walker, Real Estate

Thank you for the advice that you gave me: I ended up landing an EL1 position. I used all your tips you gave me and it worked out well. I will definitely recommend you when someone asks me for a speaking coach.

N Nguyen, Department of Finance

Sofia has helped many of my clients to become confident public speakers – she has really helped them to develop their personal speaking style. I can see that growth in confidence when they speak and in everything they do.

Tanya Gendle, Holistic Personal Trainer

Thank you Sofia, you gave me confidence for my Mother of the Groom Speech at my son’s wedding. Thank you for your wonderful skills and your personality.

Vicki M, Coordinator and Manager

Thank you for your vibrant and professional coaching. It has been invaluable in my role of presenting to small and large groups.

Steve N, Computer Technical Manager