Have you got a TED* talk in you? An idea to share? A compelling life experience to reveal?

As a TED speaker, you’ll have up to 18 minutes to share your idea. You’ll be looking to making it compelling. You’ll be hoping to inspire your audience. And you have the opportunity of a global audience on the TED YouTube Channel.

How did I coach these TED Talkers to take their ideas on to the speaking platform?

My Speakers Guide explains the key elements of public speaking in the TED style.

As a speaking coach to TED Talks, I’ll show you the techniques you’ll need to share your idea with your audience and the world. And most of all, I’ll make sure it’s a positive and enjoyable experience for you.

*Technology, Entertainment and Design.

We can’t thank you enough for your vital and valuable speakers’ coaching support for this unique event in Canberra.

Jude Burger, Partner Liaison, TedXCanberra

Listen to some of Sofia’s clients in action.