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Public Speaking Skills Coaching

How can you become a confident, effective speaker; one who engages and connects with listeners?

Think of your daily personal and professional conversations. You are already developing communication skills when speaking to family, colleagues and peers.

With my coaching you can develop those skills further and use them in your public speaking roles.

I can help you manage the nervous energy that even very experienced speakers feel. You need nervous energy to perform well. You also need to learn how to manage it.

I can show you how to prepare yourself, your message; and the environment in which you speak.

Thank you for the confidence you instilled in me through our speaking sessions.  Not only am I able to speak with more confidence, but you tailored each session in a way that has given me valuable insights into my career and business. You are extremely professional, and a real pleasure to work with.
Luke C, Personal Performance Coach

  • overcome the fear that may have restricted you for years
  • build self-confidence through professional speaking techniques
  • think and speak coherently and competently in front of an audience
  • prepare your speaking content in a simple, easy to use format
  • engage with your audience
  • develop a speaking style that suits your personality and purpose
  • enjoy public speaking!

Public Speaking for Executives

Three or six 1 hour sessions.

As an executive and leader, you will be aiming to be recognised as authentic and credible.

We begin with your various speaking roles and the purpose of your communication. We analyse your audience and construct your messages to achieve your desired outcomes.

We use video as feedback to observe how your audience sees you. We review voice, body language, movement and the use of visual aids.

Executive Coaching Intensive

Three 2 hour sessions.

For the occasion where you have a short time frame for an important presentation.

It may be a Sales Presentation, Board Meeting, Senate Estimates or Webinar.

We prepare your content and rehearse your presentation so that you perform confidently and successfully.

Improve Your Public Speaking via Skype
Three or six 1 hour sessions.

Coaching via Skype or Zoom is a highly effective method of public speaking coaching.

It’s not only time saving and time efficient, especially for high-level executives and practitioners, it’s an intensive learning process. It allows instant feedback, with the option of recording each session.

Review Your Speech or Presentation
Three 2 hour sessions.

A professional review of your frequent talks or presentations. Are they achieving your desired outcomes? Does the structure of your messages need editing and refreshing?

Are you constructing your presentations in a time-saving way?
Are you able to influence your audiences to take the actions you propose?

Public Speaking Workshops

Usually a one-day intensive event at your Corporate premises.

A highly interactive workshop, where participants learn to construct and deliver a series of presentations, including impromptu speeches and customer-focused communication.


Speechwriting & Editing

Avoid “Death by PowerPoint” 

Let us share with you our many years’ experience designing and editing speeches and presentations that capture and hold your audience’s attention.

Public Speaking for Business Owners

When it comes to promoting your business, every opportunity counts! Become the best “voice” for your business.

You will learn to develop presentations that communicate and promote your business. From your “elevator speech” to your sales pitch for proposals and tenders.  You will learn how to keep your message clear and persuasive.


  • ensure you maximise your impact when speaking to clients
  • help you structure, edit and rehearse your presentations
  • advise you on the use of visual aids such as PowerPoint.

Pitch Coaching

Speak2us will work with you to structure and prepare your perfect pitch to an investor or customer. You will learn to put your pitch together – from brainstorming to perfecting and presenting to your audience.

The day was action-packed. Four very different sessions, where Sofia adapted seamlessly to different levels of energy and ability. With a common theme: everyone left with a tangible sense of what to do next to improve their pitches. An absolute pleasure and privilege to see Sofia in action… a double-whammy master class in public speaking and in workshopping.
Timothea Horn, Innovation ACT 

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As a new business owner with reservations about speaking confidently, I attended a Speak2us workshop. I learned easy-to-remember tips and had ample opportunity to rehearse and role play in different situations. I left the workshop confident that I will continually improve with practice and repetition. I continue to use many of the tips I gained during the workshop. Matthew W

Personal Coach

My talk went well. I remembered what I had planned to say and added a few things on the spot – I  was confident, which was a great relief.  People said it was clear and easy to follow.  So thank you again for all your help. It made the world of difference. Katherine G


I never thought I needed a public speaking coach until I met Sofia. I’m an extrovert with a performance background and I speak at conferences and lecture in universities. What I learned from Sofia was how to connect my audience with my passion. Her coaching process is deep and richly rewarding. Adele C

Researcher, Speaker and Writer